We’re reinventing the art of journaling, reshaping the way book clubs work, and innovating the use of oracle cards. Seasonal Portals are open for explorers wishing to feel more connected to the rhythm of the seasons and one with the Earth while growing a kinship with other wild hearts.

Drums beat and an ancient chant vibrates in our bones. Do you feel the call to join our wild circle?

No books required. Engage in the moment. There is no behind, no catching up. The moon doesn’t go back. She just keeps spiraling forward.  

We will be curating powerful small doses so you can engage in a way that is doable for you

You’ll become more alive, with fire coursing through your veins and creativity demanding to come forth. A kinship will grow with the other wild hearts in our sacred circle.

Wings stretch and the open skies beckon to our souls to be unshackled and free. Do you feel the call to join our wild circle?

Spring potency is messy and wild, mud caked with blossom scents and the hum of green leaves unfurling. These muses are a feral and fierce bunch. Rowdy and naked they dance and sing, and quite demand that we (Aimee & Stephanie) stay in the here and now, journeying ourselves right along with you and the pulse of the seasons. Which leaves us flying by the seat of our pants, but don’t let that fool you, it is exactly where we thrive and love to be.  

We journey from Vernal Equinox to Summer Solstice. Here we embody the vim & vigor of the season, expressing our most authentic selves with the creative magic of spring. 

A yearlong journey riding the seasons and cycles into an ever widening and deepening spiral of self. But each season stands as its own offering, in its own portal. Each season will start and end lightly with wide edging to allow for ease in transition. 

Season of Wings & Whispers: Spring Equinox – Summer Solstice
Season of Bloom & Balefire:  Summer Solstice – Autumn Equinox
Season of Mist & Magic: Autumn Equinox – Winter Solstice
Season of Roots & Bones: Winter Solstice – Spring Equinox