Moon Feather Hollow

Moon Feather Hollow

These Enchanted Wilds are an online community of creative explorers, a secret faerie filled imaginal realm of free and premium Wonder, Wisdom & Whimsey.

Moon Feather Hollow
Peppertwig's Parc de Jeux Trixie's Trading Post Enchanted Book Club at Athena's Treehouse

Enchanted Book Club at Athena’s Treehouse

May 11 – June 10 we are reading The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill.

Explore the grounds at your leisure!  

You’ll find nature lovers in Willow’s Whistling Wilds, makers in Capri’s Crafting Cove, and scenic wonders in Peppertwig’s Wandering Path. Explore books in Athena’s Attic Archives, Moon Mysteries in Luna’s Labyrinth, or join a writer’s group in Will-O-Wisp’s Valley of Verse.

This community has been designed to open up a world of imagination and inspiration,to spark your creativity, ignite your soul, and fuel your passions.

Join life-artists, Aimee & Stephanie from the east and west coast for foraged fun and whimsical surprises! Creative expression is so very important, you can join Moon Feather Hollow for free to engage with our community through curated articles, discussions, crafting sessions and whatever the muses inspire. Venture into secret or premium portals by contributing gold to a dragon’s treasure, paying a troll, or stumbling across a secret entrance. 

This virtual reality situated amidst rolling hills, zig zagging creeks, moss covered rocks, deep woods, ridges and ravines is here for you whenever we want to be transported to a magical realm! Enjoy some playful missions designed to reacquaint you with your inner child, open you up to new ideas and help you rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life.