Ignite your soul sparks ✧ Re-wild your inner child ✧ Unleash your creative magic ✧ Re-enchant your life!

Why do we find the woods so enchanting?  What calls to us? Why are our childhood fairy tales and myths so compelling?  Have you wished you could go to Hogwarts? Do pirates, dragons, fairies, and being in an enchanted forest stir your imagination? These questions conjure mythic images and stir the wild-child within.

What looks like play from the surface is really a much deeper journey into nature and ourselves. There’s treasure hidden amidst the mundane and inspiration to be found in the arduous parts of life’s journey. The art-of-living an enchanted life is the regular practice of suspending disbelief, connecting to something beyond what can be seen, and feeding our wild nature.

Your life is a creative process.
Your life is a work of art. 
You are art. 

Sometimes the art of your life is simply the everyday variety of wonder and magic . Perhaps you need a magical muse.

Your magical muse might enjoy a free email series Moon Feather Hollow’s Portal to Hidden Treasure of creativity quests designed to reacquaint you with your inner child, open you up to new ideas and help you rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life. Five emails in this series come to you about a week apart.

Perhaps your magical muse would like to experiment with a free online version of Moon Feather Hollow’s Portal to Hidden Treasure. Connect with other souls and spark each other in a mighty network community where we have curated a collection of 7 self-paced creativity quests.

A collaborative premium membership program call The Portal to Soul Sparks has just opened! The link will not only provides the whole scoop, but also gives you a place to sign up for our Magical Missives! We promise only to send things that pass our strict requirements for whimsy and wonder!

Sometimes the art is literal crafting of material objects, our courses are infused with the rich wisdom of many traditions.

Classes, retreats and other group events are also available. Join life-artists from the east and west coast for foraged fun and whimsical surprises!  Our Wild-Crafting projects include:  

✧ Hand-made Art Journal ✧ Feather Wand ✧ Curio Pouch ✧ Pendulum ✧ Wild Woman Crown ✧ Collage ✧ Painting ✧ Faery Houses

Each project is infused with the rich wisdom of many traditions and topics including:

✧ Faeries ✧ Mandalas ✧ Moon Magic ✧ Energy Healing ✧ Shamanism & Power Animals ✧ Sacred Geometry & the Flower of Life  

Sometimes the art is deep inner exploration.  Having mapped the terrain, a guide can help you open new worlds.  

Individual one-one creative consulting can help you explore your inner realms and connect to your inherent magic!

For more information, email: enchantedlifeguide@gmail.com

You just never know what I have up my sleeve! The muses know I just might try something new at a moment’s notice!