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Sometimes the art of living is inner exploration and connecting the dots or weaving the threads of your experiences in order to unleash your creativity. Having mapped the terrain, a guide can help you open new worlds. 

Spark Session

EXPLORATION – Explore art, your passion or get unstuck!  Try something new!  Dust off your old dreams or be inspired by a new vision for yourself.

BARRIER BUSTER – Track the source of the barrier to your progress and/or begin to develop a plan for transformation.

PERSONALITY & PURPOSE – Are you curious about dream interpretation, symbolism, astrology, or numerology?  It’s honestly not that much different than traditional forms of personality assessment like the Myers-Briggs and it’s a lot of fun!

Schedule a 1/2 hour session for free to see if we’re a fit.

Connect the Dots

THE BIG QUESTIONS – Are you ready to explore your life purpose in great depth and begin to develop a plan to expand that passion in your life? We’ll connect the dots and begin weaving the threads of your experiences in order to unleash your creativity.

TAKING ACTION – If you have a good sense of what holds you back and feel ready to transform old beliefs with an open mind, learn about the most recent research and how the act of focusing our consciousness is an act of creation.  Quantum physics, life cycles and seasons, and energy anatomy will be key topics.

Schedule an hour session for $88 to Connect the Dots and leave inspired!

Honor Your Creations! 

LEAD, TEACH, OR GUIDE – Are you ready to digitize your body of work into an online class? Wondering if teaching an online class would light you up, be a new way to share your body of work and create a new stream of connection and resources?  You might be an accountant, a yoga teacher, or an artist who wants to grow an online presence to expand your reach, be able to work from home, and challenge yourself in a new way.

YOUR PASSION PROJECT – Perhaps you’ve studied a passion for years as a hobby, or you’ve been in business for a while but never taught an online class or even believed you were qualified to do so. Maybe you have several ideas for online classes you could try, and you need help sorting through them to get organized, assess the options, make a decision, and put together a plan.

TAKE A LEAP – An Honoring Your Creations Session may be just what you need to take the next leap in your body of work.  I’ll help you build:

  • Confidence in your process
  • Clarity that the direction you’re taking is a good fit for you
  • Vision of what your online class could look like
  • Clear, actionable steps & structures to help you step into class design
IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU – Our session is all about you, your passion, and your body of work. My teaching experience, knack for getting to the essence of a person’s core desires, and uncanny ability to innovate on the fly can be put to work for you!  

Schedule a 90 min investment in yourself for $150.

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