By Design, We Inspire, Instruct, and Engage.

I was designing an online class in a community called Athena Village. To generate a blank template to work from, the head of the village opened a new class and named it “Stephanie.” When I went into the pre-populated introduction, what I saw was profound! Read it and you will see what I mean… Everywhere you see my name, put yours instead. This is great! … Continue Reading >By Design, We Inspire, Instruct, and Engage.

Courageously Lily-livered

I’m courageously lily-livered and you, the reader, are scary. You are going to JUDGE me. But I know a well-kept secret in our world: judgement is only ever a mirror.
I’m afraid of not being relevant as a blog writer, that too few people share my eclectic values. I’m afraid I won’t meet the rest of my tribe, the kindred spirits with whom our shared values give us a sense of connection. I still feel lily-livered about being vulnerable upon the page but I am doing it as courageously and as clearly as I am able. How else will we find each other? … Continue Reading >Courageously Lily-livered


Our planet is spiraling through space around a ball of nuclear fusion creating the seasons & cycles of nature. Our seasons are part of an ongoing cycle of solstices, equinoxes, and their mid-points. Imbolc is the stirring of spring. It’s name derives from phrases involving ewes milk, bellies, and cleansing – depending on which etymology you read. “Spring in the Belly of Winter” is the perfect way to describe how I feel this time of year. I am just beginning to feel the stir of excitement about projects and ideas. I am gently coming out of the deep winter dreaming that led to creative projects. … Continue Reading >Imbolc