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    Camp Enchantment

    For six weeks we will travel to landmarks in the Imagi Nation landscape, explore creative projects, and engage in the themes of celebration, enchantment, imagination, dreams, signs, symbols & synchronicities, and wonder.

  • Ponderings

    Trusting Resilience

    I have no interest in sky-diving. My internal free-falls are enough excitement for many lifetimes. I collapsed at the news that my cat had to be put to sleep about 20 years ago. I’d known the grief…

  • Featured,  Perennial Wisdom

    Lunar Love

    March’s new moon is called the Planting Moon since spring is the best time for planting many common veggies, herbs, and fruits. More moisture in the top layers of the soil during every new moon (due to the moon’s gravitational pull…

  • Whimsey

    Leprechauns are Tricksters!

    Are Leprechauns and the fairy realm real?   You must determine that for yourself.  Here in the Portal to Soul Sparks, we will make a regular practice of simply suspending disbelief long enough to spark a creative…

  • Ponderings

    Mary Poppins with Hostile Sarcasm

    I was walking in the drizzling rain last week, feeling generally crabby and tired, but enjoying my bright orange umbrella. I’d engaged with too many negative personalities. Unrealistic expectations were running rampant. Menopausal symptoms overtook my usual exuberance…