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I’m a creative consultant who uses art, psychology, and ancient and modern wisdom to help people navigate the creative process.  I help you read your own personal treasure map so you can explore the inner realms, creative expression, and the art of enchanted living in order to share your talents and creative passions with the world.  

I believe in unlimited possibilities. I am very playful & imaginative as well as deeply analytical. My life objective is mastery in the art-of-living. I can’t be captured with words.  I am captivated by nature. I live in a small Pacific Northwestern valley town near Seattle and I walk to the river every day.

My Myers-Briggs is ENFP, but the E (extrovert) just barely over-powers the I (introvert) and I absolutely require a balance (Libra) of time with others and time to myself.  I am both expressive and reflective. I am an innovator (Aquarius rising) who thrives when collaborating (Libra) with other explorers through the internal territory of ideas, personal growth, & creative expression (Gemini moon) so they can connect with their muses and bring their ideas into being.  (Note those are all air signs. Air is ideas!)  

Ideas are driven by a single impulse:  to be made manifest.  And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner.  – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

As  an  Enchanted  Life  Guide  I offer Wisdom, Wonder & Whimsy to individuals, groups, systems, and my favorite – collaborative projects. My collaborators love that I help spark their ideas, keep a sense of playfulness in the act of creation, and have system level vision for big-picture innovations.

  • I’ve a deep understanding of human development, personality assessment, transformational tools, & the creative process.   
  • I’m trained in art, transpersonal psychology, energetic anatomy, and ancient and modern belief systems.
  • I’m skilled in coaching, teaching, and building trust to be of service in unique and custom formats. 
  • I’ve a special knack for getting at the core of an issue when working one-one. 
  • I love the facilitation of small groups as well as the public speaking experience of presenting to hundreds.  

My Philosophy

My childhood among the trees in the woods on Lake Superior grounded me in nature while I explored the realm of my imagination.  I feel at home with faeries, the green man, and all things nature-based.   I discovered meditation at an early age and would walk nearly a mile to my favorite meditation spot along a river almost every day after school.  Everything made sense at the river.  I knew deep in my soul that the wisdom of seemingly unconnected belief systems is all truth portrayed from various perspectives.  I believe that no matter what thread you follow, if you follow it deeply enough, eventually it all leads to one source.  Whatever we call it doesn’t change that fact.  If you can get comfortable exploring, you will recognize your own truths.

I studied & practiced psychology, community building, art, quantum physics, energy anatomy, shamanism, astrology,  mathematics, music, and cultural studies.  I drew connections and became good at spotting the themes and threads that spoke to the art-of-living.  Life is a synthesis of math and magic, quantum physics and indigenous wisdom, imagination and multi-dimensionality.  I have cultivated a safe process for individuals and groups of nearly any belief system to open to their creativity, feel a sense of connection, and live an enchanted life.

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Email me to explore collaborative potential for classes, retreats, coaching, and creative projects, or to tell me where I can find a hat like I had when I was two.


Check out my Testimonials.

Magical Missives are sent at the 8 Wheel of the Year Celebrations.  Connecting with the Seasons & Cycles reminds you to never lose your magic! Occasional extra emails may fly over when there is some timely bit of Wonder, Wisdom, & Whimsy that simply cannot wait, only things that pass our strict enchantment requirements will be sent.

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