Experiment in Merriment

2020 is hard. Like me, I bet you are fatigued. My soul-weary focus on staying sane needs a boost. I want to feel sensations of hopefulness, encouragement, and even merriment! I have been reading many Pam Grout books over the summer. They have become my soothing balm for a heavy heart when Covid-19, politics, and drama are just too much for my mental health. Pam Grout proposes this hypothesis in her book Thank & Grow Rich.

Let’s test this hypothesis:

If you devote yourself to scouting blessings, you’ll find them out the wazoo.  If you turn each day into a 24-hour miracle reconnaissance mission, you’ll call forth Truth.  You’ll get the happily ever after. 

I want to test this hypothesis in a 30 day experiment in merriment!

Please join me in the Experiment from August 23 – September 21.

The Experiment

To test the hypothesis, we will do (and track) two things every single day, for 30 days in a row:
  1. Every morning, using creative language, proclaim that something amazing is going to happen today.  
  2. Find and name 3 blessings every single day.

Ways to participate:

  • On your own privately in a notebook or journal
  • Online via your favorite social media platform #Experiment in Merriment #Pam Grout
  • In an online community group which also includes optional weekly zoom calls and weekly prompts to do the activities in the book! Keep reading for more info!

Party Games!!!

Pam’s book contains activities she calls “Party Games.”

In the online community group, we will play games several per week.  A few titles to entice you:

  • Become a Luck Magnet
  • The Opposite Game
  • Impersonate Wonder Woman
  • Laser Love to Everyone & Everything You See
  • Spread Contagious Laughter
  • Refuse to Talk Smack

Zoom Weekly Social

In the online community, you can choose to join an optional weekly zoom call on Sundays to share your experiences. 

To Participate In the Online Community

I’m hosting this community experiment through the amazing mighty network platform of Athena Village. It’s a social media network but also includes a classroom area just for us. (Like a group in facebook but way better and no ads!) Once you click the link to register, it will take you to Athena Village and ask you to choose your plan.

Athena Village is a collective of Artists, Healers, Makers, Teachers, Business Owners & Coaches serving Creative, Curious Connection seekers in a private online community.

Choose the 30 Day Experiment in Merriment plan for $12.99. Your registration brings you right into the 30 Day Experiment in Merriment inside the classroom & resources section of Athena Village. You become a member of the village at no additional cost, so feel free to look around at all the other cool stuff in the village as well.

Next, get a copy of Pam Grout’s Thank & Grow Rich from your favorite book store and begin reading!

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