Camp Enchantment

Are you the wonder-sharing adult in the lives of any kiddos? Wanted: Wonder Keepers!

For six weeks we will travel to landmarks in the Imagi Nation landscape, explore creative projects, and engage in the themes of celebration, enchantment, imagination, dreams, signs, symbols & synchronicities, and wonder.

In week one we’ll be frolicking in Wildflower Meadow with Umami the Unicorn: Keeper of Celebration. While here we will make a celebration pouch, gather and arrange a wildflower bouquet and decorating a treasure box. Additional activities in our portal may include making a wildflower crown, pressing wildflowers and building a bonfire with their Big Buddies.

In week two we will hike Mushroom Mountain with Dazz the Pixie: Keeper of Enchantment. We will create whimsical names for our house, rooms, areas of a yard, ect. as a way to make our ng in the areas. We’ll also create living and playing spaces more enchanting. We’ll make signs to hang…

In week three we’ll be paddling to Spark Volcano on Inspiration Island with Devna the Dragon: Keeper of Imagination.

In week four we will dive deep into the Seas of Neptune with Maeve the Mermaid: Keeper of Dreams.

In week five we’ll be visiting Serendipity Village with the triplets Fernie, Frankie and Francis the Fauns: Keepers of Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities.

Lastly, in week six we will enter the wilds of Whistling Woods to explore with Rowan the Dryad: Keeper of Wonder. 

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