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Moving Forward in Cycles

Summer Solstice coincides with a Ring of Fire from an annular solar eclipse.  It will be visible from parts of Africa, India, and China, according to timeandate.com.  Mother Nature herself is playing with light and shadow while our world faces it’s collective shadow. Sometimes timing is everything.  What did our ancestors think and feel when seeing an annular solar eclipse like this.  Symbolically the moon is our intuition and emotions, while the sun represents energy, will and power.  When the most obvious duality of our existence comes together, is it a battle or cooperation?  Is it creative or destructive?  Or, does the very notion of duality itself pause for a moment to give us a glimpse of something new? 

Humans like to think that they live linearly with an orderly structure of days, weeks, and years to mark time, always focused on some goal or destination.  Actually, life happens in seasons and cycles of spiraling growth and evolution in varying degrees of chaos and order, always on the cutting edge of becoming.  Along the spiral path, one comes around to viewing things they’ve seen before, but from a different perspective. Perhaps one realizes they could have done better the last time around.  As one spirals into the next level it gets messy, and sometimes the vision of HOW to move forward appears to be an endless loop.

So far, 2020 has disrupted the ordinary concepts of time through an extended time of staying home.  How many people have a different sense of time after this experience? 

Questions for Reflection:  

  • Are you surprised about anything? 
  • Did you notice a difference in how you spend your time compared to January?
  • Do you have any new perspectives about how you will choose to spend your time?

2020 has also disrupted the complacency and complicity of living out of integrity with  one’s values.  Attention is finally focusing on the discrepancy between personal world-views and the consensual systemic reality society operates under.  Attention can lead to action.  Perhaps by the next round of the spiral people will have done better.

There are seasons and cycles to every thing.  Historically, astrologically, and technologically, this a time of great transition.

This image:  Spiral Curriculumis meant for curriculum development, but easily applies to human growth in any area.  

Transformation is messy.  If you could have a conversation with the YOU from January, what would you say?  What would you say to the YOU of March?  What do you wish to say to the YOU of August?

Here is what I would tell January Me:  Lean into the present moment for feelings of stability.  Rely less on external cues of security.  Even your habitual routines of planning, grocery shopping, preparing, and organizing will not provide any sense of feeling orderly or secure.  Be flexible and adaptable.

Here is what I would tell March Me:  Ugliness and beauty, fear and love, pain and joy are contrasts that can spark change.  You will see extreme examples of it all.  Be a witness, support your values, and be grateful for your blessings.

To August ME:  Remember the gifts of disruption.  Remember that we are all connected.  Remember to wonder.

As long as you’re here,

you’re here to do something.

~ Cicely Tyson

*Costa, A. & Kallick, B. (1995). Process Design: Feedback Spirals As Components of Continued Learning. In A. Costa & B. Kallick (Eds.) Assessment in the Learning Organization. Alexandra, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

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