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The Artist’s Way: Enchanted Edition

The Artist’s Way (TAW) was first published in 1992.  The author published a 25th anniversary edition.  In the words of the author, Julia Cameron:

It has been a quarter of a century since the tools were first published.  It gives me great satisfaction that the book continues to sell, and sell well.  It reinforces my belief that we are all creative and have a hunger for further creativity.

This is not the 90’s version, it’s the Enchanted Edition.  If you’ve ever done The Artist’s Way (TAW) before, you know it’s all about morning pages, weekly artist dates, and a deep dive into your psyche to do recovery and discovery of your creativity.  The Enchanted Edition includes mythical muses and igniting your imagination.  In every endeavor, the intention is to ignite, enchant, unleash and re-wild your creativity.  

This free 13 week summer session is hosted in a free online community called Athena Village, a Mighty Network which has classroom software and a discussion feed.

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