Profound Message from a Kiddie Pool

I’ve a story for you. It’s about a profound message from a kiddie pool.  We decided the addition of an inflatable kiddie pool right at the edge of the deck would bring a higher level of luxury and fun to our backyard oasis.  I ordered one up from Amazon (thank you warehouse workers, UPS delivery driver, and anyone else involved in my luxury!)  We blew it up, filled it with water, and stuck our feet in it.  Ahhhh….bliss. 

That day, the wind blew petals from our cherry tree in a spiraling snow globe of beauty and magic.  Soon the pool was covered in them too.  We decided it was very pretty and we even added some full flowers to float in our little serenity pond.  So lovely… 

The next morning, one side had completely collapsed, and not from any air leak.  I immediately recognized that in my insistence to have the pool right next to the deck, I’d set it up on an incline.  The center of gravity was just below the side of the pool, so that is where the weight of all the water went.  I recognized the mirror that my life is.  

When I don’t set my life up in accordance to my own center of gravity, my boundaries collapse from the weight.  When my boundaries collapse, I cannot fulfill my purpose.  I’m a Libra, so I absolutely must keep those scales balanced. Upholding my boundaries assures my value.

I think the Wheel of the Year serves the same purpose – to keep us in balance.  When we live like it is the most productive time of harvest all year long, we become depleted without realizing the depth of the depletion.  Mother Nature is wise. 

Magical Missives are sent at the 8 Wheel of the Year Celebrations.  Connecting with the Seasons & Cycles reminds you to never lose your magic! Occasional extra emails may fly over when there is some timely bit of Wonder, Wisdom, & Whimsy that simply cannot wait, only things that pass our strict enchantment requirements will be sent.

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