Mary Poppins with Hostile Sarcasm

I was walking in the drizzling rain last week, feeling generally crabby and tired, but enjoying my bright orange umbrella. I’d engaged with too many negative personalities. Unrealistic expectations were running rampant. Menopausal symptoms overtook my usual exuberance for life.  I was feeling way beyond gently judgmental. I was ready to shut the world out, or punch the world out.

Along my route is a wise old tree that I speak to most of the time.  Some days I am so wrapped up in my thoughts I miss the tree entirely.  When that happens, I feel sad that I walked right by without even a conscious look at it.   On the crabby drizzling day, I did remember to pay attention.  I was tired of feeling crabby (it is actually physically exhausting to me) and actively looking for some bit of perspective to save me from my downward spiral of crab-ass-ity. As I looked at the beautiful tree, I noticed the bright orange glow of the world under my umbrella. I said to the tree, “I just love my orange umbrella and wish I could just stay under it all day!”  

In that moment, I had a joyful thought, “I can in my imagination!  It will be my force field and if that doesn’t work I can just stab people with it!”  I did stay under my umbrella all day long, in my imagination.  It was a bright and powerful force field against a drizzly crabby world full of people who are also tired and world-worn.  I did stab a few people, and I walked away humming Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I was Mary Poppins, except with hostile sarcasm.    

Don’t you even mess with me you’ll find it quite atrocious 
when my umbrella stabs you and I punch you in your noses 

And I laughed and laughed!

photo credit: vintage inspiration

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