Art & Soul Assignment

Today the book I am reading gave me the assignment to write a blog.

Art & Soul Reloaded by Pam Grout – a yearlong apprenticeship for summoning the muses and reclaiming your bold, audacious, creative side  (It is designed for a lesson a week for 52 weeks, and this blog writing is the assignment for week 6.  I started the book three weeks ago and am allowing myself to go at whatever pace I feel like.  My only rule is that I actually have to do the assignments.)

My blog will be about creative magic and the validation I got from another book (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert) in which she describes just how creative ideas have a life of their own and are seeking ways to come forth.  Just today my kiddo (upon getting home after school) dropped his backpack and ran for pencil and paper.  I started to talk to him and he asked me to hold on — he had an idea he had to get out of his head.  That is exactly how it works.  An idea comes and must be expressed or it withers and disappears.  The blogging assignment is a way to show up for the ideas – let them know I am listening, ready and willing to be a venue of expression.  No matter what. I will write the blog, or paint the picture, or create the art. Even if I feel stuck like a badminton racket thrown up to dislodge a birdie from a tree.  (Look closely at the picture to the right.)
My habit is to read everything under the sun to look for ways that others have put ideas into form because I am absolutely haunted by these amazing ideas that I just don’t know how to express.  I can sense a synthesis of math and magic, quantum physics and indigenous wisdom, imagination and multidimensionality – but I get overwhelmed trying to express it.  I lean on the work of others.  I quote my favorite authors.  I watch a ton of youtube videos.  I come alive in conversations about the topics of creativity and the art of living.  My passion is undeniable.
Showing up at this blog and only referencing two books while allowing ideas to come from my heart is a step in demonstrating to the great well of ideas that I am here.  I am listening.  I am willing to express.

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