To Do Lists

Lists, post-its, checking things off…there is something so satisfying about getting the to-do’s out of your head.  Somewhere between New Year’s Resolutions and Spring Cleaning lies a “soft and messy laughing place where it [just] doesn’t matter”.*
In the spirit of that place, I share the best To-Do List I have ever seen:
To Do List For Saturday
Do laundry
Go for a walk
Find a dragon’s tooth
Use it to write in river sand
Slay the demons of dailiness
Climb a magnolia tree
Wait for the stars to appear
Wash in moonlight
Choose a perfect blossom
Curl up in it and sleep
Wake with wings unfolding
Join a flock of passing birds
Fly into morning light
-Fonda Bell Miller
*The quote in my introduction paragraph is adapted from a great SARKism.  In her book, The Bodacious Book of Succulence she says:
Be willing to live in between right and wrong. The ego needs and desperately wants to be right and make others wrong. In between right and wrong is a soft, messy, laughing place where it doesn’t matter.

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