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Courses are designed with an affordability/efficiency balance in mind and tiered for varying levels of experience and commitment to exploration of your inner wilderness.  Broad topics are specifically tailored to the individual/group.

Individualized courses are available anytime – call or email to schedule.  Group courses will be scheduled according to availability of interested participants – call or email to be placed on a list.  Questions?  Call 425-409-7145 or email stephiefoley@gmail.com.


Level 1 Introductory Courses/Sessions

Length:  1 hour, Individual introductory rate: $45, Group rate:  $15 per person

EXPLORATION 101~ Explore art, your passion or get unstuck!  Try something new!  Dust off your old dreams or be inspired by a new vision for yourself.

BARRIER BUSTER ~Track the source of the barrier to your progress and/or begin to develop a plan for transformation.  Explore how scientific and medical applications of energy anatomy impact your health.

PERSONALITY & PURPOSE ~Are you curious about dream interpretation, symbolism, astrology, or numerology?  It’s honestly not that much different than traditional forms of personality assessment like the Myers-Briggs and it’s a lot of fun!

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Level 2 Intermediate Courses/Sessions

Length:  1.5 hours, Individual rate: $75, Group rate:  $25 per person

THE BIG QUESTIONS~ Are you ready to explore your life purpose in great depth and begin to develop a plan to expand that passion in your life?

TAKING ACTION ~ If you have a good sense of what holds you back and feel ready to transform old beliefs with an open mind, learn about the most recent research of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Institute of HeartMath, and how the act of focusing our consciousness is an act of creation.  Quantum physics, life cycles and seasons, and energy anatomy will be key topics.


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Level 3 Intensive Courses/Sessions

Length:  2 hours, Individual rate: $120, Group rate:  $40 per person

LIVING YOUR PASSION ~Enchanted Life Guidance focused on navigating your inner territory to reach your desired destination.

TRANSFORMATION~Intensive inner exploration, integration, healing and alignment using transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and astrology.  Learn the keys to manifesting your dreams and living your Enchanted Life by being fully internally aligned.


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Special Interest Courses

Length & Rates Vary

~Ladies’ Night In is a mixed venue class/support group for women.  Explore your inner territory with the assistance of a guide, make new friends, and benefit from each other’s experiences.

~Slow  Arts Series is  an exploration of the slow arts of Cooking, Gardening, Collage, Drawing, Writing, Ceremony, Meditation and Music in a supportive environment.

~Wheel of Life is a seasonal exploration of ancient belief systems, modern noetic science, and mathematical concepts that describe how our world works and multidimensional reality.

~What We May Be is a free video course on psychosynthesis, or “a philosophy in the art of living” as it is described on the back of the book I am using — What We May Be by Piero Ferrucci. Learn techniques to help you get to know all your fragmented parts and life roles. If you ever feel like there is a committee of many different members inside your head, it’s because there is! I will guide you through exercises designed to help you focus, develop your will, enrich your imagination, awake your intuition, and discover your Self (with a capital S) and your purpose.

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