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Advocate of Unlimited Possibilities – Catalystic Explorer – Cultivator of Wonder – Curator of Curiosities – Amusing Muse – Aficionado of Imaginative Souls

“Trusting in resilience, she abides in wonder.”

I believe in unlimited possibilities.  I think too much. I am very playful when I side-step the thinking-too-much. I am not only creative, I am a creative process. My artistry is unfolding from inside me. I feel no pressure, a stroll will do just fine. I can’t be captured with words, but I am captivated by nature.

I am an innovator who thrives when collaborating with other explorers. The truth is that everything is relative, even truth.  Depending on the context of your belief system, your level of awareness, and the layer of reality in which you are operating, your truths might be different than others, but they are no less true!  This is why it is so important to explore belief systems and experiences respectfully.


As your Enchanted Life Guide I help you or your group through the internal territory of personal growth, creative expression, and transformation with:

~Knowledge of human development, personality assessment, transformational tools,  & the creative process

~Specific training in art, transpersonal psychology, energetic anatomy, and ancient and modern belief systems

~Skills like coaching, teaching, building trust, and a special knack for getting at the core of an issue

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Professional Experience

• Coaching & Consulting
• Retreat/Workshop/Summit Facilitation
• Mathematics, Psychology, & Public Speaking Instructor
• Non-profit Administration (United Way, Girl Scouts, Group Homes, & Assisted Living)
• Self-Employed Woodworker


• B.S. Math & Psychology Education, Cum Laude, Northland College, Ashland WI
• Grant Writing, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
• Managerial and Organizational Psychosynthesis, IAMOP, Thousand Oaks, CA
• Building Relationships through Management & Supervision, Macy Conf. Center, Briarcliff, NY
• Strategic Outcomes for Co-Occurring Disorders, SAMHSA, San Francisco, CA
• Personal Foundation I, II, and III of Coach U, Personal Life Coach, Green Bay, WI
• Shamanic Reiki & Master of Energy Medicine, Tree of Life Awakening, Green Bay, WI
• Teaching Methods & Accelerated Learning, NWTC, Green Bay, WI

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