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IMG_4988My childhood among the trees in the woods on Lake Superior grounded me in nature while I explored the realm of my imagination.  I feel at home with faeries, the green man, and all things nature-based.   I discovered meditation at an early age and would walk nearly a mile to my favorite meditation spot along a river almost every day after school.  A nun at my Catholic grade school gave me the book, Siddhartha (a novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery) and I felt so validated when I read the part where he was at the river and could hear the voices of joy and sorrow, good and evil, laughter and mourning while knowing that there is only one God/Source/Universe.  Just as Siddhartha realized at the river that his Self is part of all of the voices of the world speaking together, so did I.

IMG_5147The difference was that Siddhartha was able to incorporate his divine understanding so that he no longer doubted his place in the world or second guessed his actions.  I’m still working on that part.  I have learned many tools along the way and have thoroughly mapped out a huge section of the territory.  Drawing upon the wisdom of seemingly unconnected disciplines (psychology, community building, art, quantum physics, energy anatomy, shamanism, astrology,  mathematics, music, and cultural studies), I have cultivated a safe, respectful, and customizable transformational process for individuals and groups of nearly any belief system.

I believe that no matter what thread you follow, if you follow it deeply enough, eventually it all leads to one source.  Whatever we call it doesn’t change that fact.  If you can get comfortable exploring, you will recognize your own truths.

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