30 Day Conscious Living Challenge


The 30 Day Conscious Living Challenge runs June 1-30, 2013.

You can choose the challenge(s) you want to embark upon from the categories of emotional, spiritual, social or physical well-being, finance & career or personal growth.

Conscious living means being aware. Awareness comes with mapping out your internal wilderness.  I am honored to be an expert in the personal growth category.  My challenge to you is to Illuminate the Committee in Your Head.


Who is the “self” regulating and directing the members of the committee in your head?  Which personality tendency – thoughts, feelings, desires, intuition, sensation, your imagination and your will – knows what it best for “you” and what if they all disagree?

To illuminate this committee is to bring a collection of disordered tendencies into a meaningful synthesis of self.  A multidisciplinary approach to this work includes transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and spiritual practices such as Buddhism.

Imagine you are a great adventurer heading out for a 30 day exploration of a mysterious wilderness inside your head.  You begin by loosening the grip of your external roles and learning about your internal personality tendencies.  From there you will apply perceptual insights, and master survival instincts like fight, flight, and freeze.

Armed with a new understanding of how to navigate the emotional scale and your own personality tendencies, your adventure continues.  In a plot twist it becomes a rescue mission to retrieve any part of the self that may have been left behind.  Then the shadow monster will probably make an appearance.  (That’s the part that always makes the adventure such a great story to tell once the explorer returns.)  You will find hidden treasure.  Finally, the epic journey through your inner realm allows you to re-negotiate all agreements to be coherent with the illuminated committee in your head.

You are invited on such an adventure!  Pack an open mind and a sense of adventure.  Playfulness, compassion, and flexibility are skills you will develop along the way.  You will put into context for yourself how all of the parts of yourself can work together.  You acquire skills that bring you to a centered place of equanimity from which to make better decisions, be less reactionary, and feel joyful mind-body-spirit coherence more often in your daily life.  Bon voyage!

More information at 30 Day Conscious Living Challenge.

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  1. Love how you turn this into an adventure challenge Stephanie 🙂 Good luck with it!

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