Monthly Archives: June 2013

Perceptual States

  The images of the animals and the expressions of Nature help us to transcend our normal, waking consciousness so that we can more easily attune to the ethereal realms and beings.   ~Ted Andrews   Imagine a snake, jaguar, hummingbird and an eagle. A snake is low on the ground, slithering, winding, and focused on survival. A jaguar walks on all fours with its head high, always watchful, often hunting. A hummingbird flits here are there, seems to disappear […]

Shadow Work

Have you ever tried to hide a part of yourself from others or even to hide from yourself?  This aspect could be either positive or negative.  For some reason you are reluctant to face this part of yourself.  Maybe it is a trait that does not fit your values.  Could it be a latent talent you have yet to develop?  Shedding light on the shadow ultimately frees up a lot of energy that you are currently using to keep the […]