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Art & Soul Assignment

Today the book I am reading gave me the assignment to write a blog. Art & Soul Reloaded by Pam Grout – a yearlong apprenticeship for summoning the muses and reclaiming your bold, audacious, creative side  (It is designed for a lesson a week for 52 weeks, and this blog writing is the assignment for week 6.  I started the book three weeks ago and am allowing myself to go at whatever pace I feel like.  My only rule is that I […]

To Do Lists

Lists, post-its, checking things off…there is something so satisfying about getting the to-do’s out of your head.  Somewhere between New Year’s Resolutions and Spring Cleaning lies a “soft and messy laughing place where it [just] doesn’t matter”.* In the spirit of that place, I share the best To-Do List I have ever seen:   To Do List For Saturday   Do laundry Go for a walk Find a dragon’s tooth Use it to write in river sand Slay the demons […]

Taking It All In Stride

Ever hear of Pete the Cat?  He is my latest inspiration.  My website went down, but with the smooth grace of Pete the Cat, I didn’t lose my cool.  No matter what happens to Pete, he just keeps going along and singing his song.  “It’s all good,”  He says. Check him out if you like: You will notice a shortage of blog postings here.  Pete the Cat loses four groovy buttons yet sings about how he’s “still got my […]