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Art & Soul Assignment

Today the book I am reading gave me the assignment to write a blog. Art & Soul Reloaded by Pam Grout – a yearlong apprenticeship for summoning the muses and reclaiming your bold, audacious, creative side  (It is designed for a lesson a week for 52 weeks, and this blog writing is the assignment for week 6.  I started the book three weeks ago and am allowing myself to go at whatever pace I feel like.  My only rule is that I […]

Kindred Spirits

I find you in the most unexpected places! Your cameo appearances in my life are beautiful (if sometimes brief) reminders that I am not alone in my friendly, chatty, curious love of life and laughter. A shout out to my kindred spirits: Self-proclaimed Nerdneck Dangerously Affectionate Girl Organic Farmer Substitute Teacher Nerf Warrior Parent Mountain Rescue Climber Crafty Shopper Gentle System Challenger Butterfly Goddess Groaner Joke Master Wall Slapping Subject Changer My heart and your hearts are holding hands and […]


“What’s your story?” Phyllis asked this of everyone. Sometimes it put people off and sometimes it lit them up. We’d sit on her front porch and drink lemonade or sip hot soup depending on the season. We discussed Carl Jung, organic cooking, cats, simple living, and people’s stories. I was 20-something and she was 60-something. More than once she said, “We’re sort of like “Tuesdays with Morrie” but it’s Friday and I’m Phyllis and I’m not dying.” I wonder about Phyllis today…20 years […]

Perceptual States

  The images of the animals and the expressions of Nature help us to transcend our normal, waking consciousness so that we can more easily attune to the ethereal realms and beings.   ~Ted Andrews   Imagine a snake, jaguar, hummingbird and an eagle. A snake is low on the ground, slithering, winding, and focused on survival. A jaguar walks on all fours with its head high, always watchful, often hunting. A hummingbird flits here are there, seems to disappear […]

Shadow Work

Have you ever tried to hide a part of yourself from others or even to hide from yourself?  This aspect could be either positive or negative.  For some reason you are reluctant to face this part of yourself.  Maybe it is a trait that does not fit your values.  Could it be a latent talent you have yet to develop?  Shedding light on the shadow ultimately frees up a lot of energy that you are currently using to keep the […]

30 Day Conscious Living Challenge

The 30 Day Conscious Living Challenge runs June 1-30, 2013. You can choose the challenge(s) you want to embark upon from the categories of emotional, spiritual, social or physical well-being, finance & career or personal growth. Conscious living means being aware. Awareness comes with mapping out your internal wilderness.  I am honored to be an expert in the personal growth category.  My challenge to you is to Illuminate the Committee in Your Head. Who is the “self” regulating and directing […]

Happy Earth Day!


Wonder or Worry

A friend posted something so compelling to me today on facebook, I had to ask if I could quote her in my blog.  In response to a well-meaning inquirer, she said,   “Next time don’t worry about me, wonder about me. O.K. It’ll make me feel better if I know you’re wondering and not worrying.”   Wow.  That struck me in a deep way.  Worry is assuming a likely negative outcome where wonder is open to possibilities.  She went on […]

What is an Enchanted Life?

An Enchanted Life is the daily courageous choice to live from the heart and explore the inner wilderness.  Enchanted Lives do not just happen.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says it best: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. […]

To Do Lists

Lists, post-its, checking things off…there is something so satisfying about getting the to-do’s out of your head.  Somewhere between New Year’s Resolutions and Spring Cleaning lies a “soft and messy laughing place where it [just] doesn’t matter”.* In the spirit of that place, I share the best To-Do List I have ever seen:   To Do List For Saturday   Do laundry Go for a walk Find a dragon’s tooth Use it to write in river sand Slay the demons […]