Overflowing with moon magic, journal crafting, & soul practices, we deep dive into the magnetic flow of creation—rhythms of nature. Every season we we get out in nature, forage the land for crafting items, connect with the muses, and form relationships with others in a wild circle. We explore our agency through journal prompts and divination, creating art, and collecting talismans, mementos or anything too 3D for a journal in treasure boxes or display on seasonal altars. Self empowerment happens when we use our hands and natural materials to craft and create. We keep time with the Moon and delve into a spirit animal, a goddess, and a symbol each season. Then, expressing our truest selves and forming relationships with others, we experience the alchemy of a Wild Circle.

Word spreads fast among the Muses once you answer their call. A consistent response to their nudges allows inspiration to gain momentum which magnetizes even more creative ideas to us. Journaling with the Muses activates our connection, fine-tunes our sensitivity and opens us up to unlimited possibilities. A wild circle of kindreds further magnifies the attraction. The synergy born of interaction as we spark each other builds beyond what we can create alone. And, a deeper dive into the seasons and moon cycles amps up the creative vibes as we tune into the natural flow of creativity.

Seasonal Muse Journals are a cauldron for exploring boundaries and shape-shifting our current reality into one we desire. Honoring the distinct nature of each season we also bring awareness to our shifts in energy and self care. Journaling with the Muses allows deep exploration of signs, symbols, and synchronicity, of ideas and taking shape. Our journal crafting combines every kind of journaling you can imagine — art, bullet, writing, junk, gratitude, planning, etc. We channel the muses through nature, books, writing, oracle cards, seasonal living and the fresh taste of vitality along with a healthy dose of wildling curiosity. Art forms are not limited to poetry, collage, paint, writing, zen doodle, mandalas, and creative quests. Journal Jewels are also offered – printable pages we design to embellish our journals. Several art journaling, writing, and/or crafting prompts per week are interspersed with plenty of bite-sized inspiration which keeps us feeling creative and connected. It isn’t really a class, it’s journal crafting and soul practices in a wild circle of kindreds.

Explore Wonder, Wisdom, & Whimsey in Portals of Possibility! Weave dreams, spark your soul, & connect to the rhythms of nature and creative magic!

  • Season of Bloom & Balefire – in Summer we run wild with our Wanderling nature, celebrate Litha and Lunasa, connect with the element Fire and unleash our Dragon Potential.
  • Season of Mist & Magic – during Autumn we embrace our Wonderling inclinations, celebrate Mabon and Samhain, connect with the element Water and dive into the Mermaid Dreamscape.
  • Season of Roots & Bones – next winter we admit we are sovereign Wiselings, celebrate Yule and Imbolc, connect with the element Earth and delve into Faun Vitality & Unicorn Opportunities.
  • Season of Wings & Whispers – in Spring we awaken our Wildling curiosity, celebrate Ostara and Beltaine, attune to the element Air and unravel the Pixie Paradox.